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What is Online Workforce College

The Online Workforce College offers a huge library of workforce skills training. Our library includes Employability, Health & Safety, Quality & Continuous Improvement, & Technical Competencies! Online Workforce College courses are self-paced, affordable, and available 24/7. This means that you can begin your learning journey wherever you are with nothing holding you back!

For Learners

Workforce training where you are at a cost you can afford. The Online Workforce College gives you the flexibility to earn the skills that you need on your own schedule. All courses in the Online Workforce College library are aligned with industry standards, available 24-7, and self-paced. When you complete a course you will earn digital badges through the Online Workforce College to show employers that you have the skills you need to do the job!

  • Skills and badges build on each other to help you take your learning as far as you want to go! Then show it off by sharing your badges through LinkedIn, your resume, and others.
  • 24-7, fully online workforce training that is flexible, affordable, and designed to meet your needs
  • Courses that are designed by industry leaders
  • Digital badges to demonstrate your training to employers
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For Employers

As an employer you need training programs that meet the goals of your organization. You can work with workforce specialists from your local community college to create pathways to custom fit your needs.

Our Current Content Areas include:

  • Industrial Training, Manufacturing, Logistics
  • Employability, Soft-Skills
  • Workplace Safety
  • Basic Technology, Networking, IT Security, Coding
  • Adult Education
  • And More to Come!
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Ready to Enroll?

The Online Workforce College was designed to build upon the existing relationships between local industry and the Mississippi Community Colleges. As an employer, you’ll be working directly with Workforce Specialists from one of Mississippi’s 15 Community Colleges to create online skills training programs specifically designed to your organization’s training goals.


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