Online Workforce College For Learners

Online Workforce College's Mission for Learners

The Online Workforce College provides quality, in-demand, affordable online skills training to individuals in order to be more competitive in the workplaces; promotes an improved quality of life by providing training pathways that lead to higher wages; and provides employers a more productive and educated workforce as well as customized training solutions.

Pathways Designed for Your Future

You have options when choosing your career path. The Online Workforce College has you covered wherever you find yourself. Take a look at the following pathways for success. These pathways can guide you to credentials whether you are simply looking for a job or you want to refine the skills you already have.

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Skills Training Courses

Whether you are looking for a refresher in writing resumes or need training on PLCs and Robotics, you can find what you need in our library of over 700 skills training courses.

Career Launch Pathways

Are you currently unemployed and need a job?

Career Pathways

Are you currently working, but need a better paying job?

Skills Groups Pathways

Do you need to improve skills for your current job?

Employer Focused Pathways

The Online Workforce College offers a huge library of workforce skills training. Our library includes Employability, Health & Safety, Quality & Continuous Improvement, & Technical Competencies!

How do I enroll in Online Workforce College

Our statewide rollout is just beginning, but you will soon be able to enroll in courses at the community college in your area! Would you like to stay up-to-date on the progress of the Online Workforce College in your area? Sign up today!

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What are Badges?

Digital badges are not just pictures on a screen, but evidence to employers and others that you have accomplished something great. All credentials in the Online Workforce College are aligned with objectives and quality standards set forth by Mississippi Community Colleges. Badges through the Online Workforce College contain information about the training you have successfully completed and can be shared with employers to help set you apart in an ever growing competitive job market. Many badges can also be used as credit toward college classes.

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