Online Workforce College For Employers

A platform built for Employers

The Online Workforce College was designed to build upon the existing relationships between local industry and the Mississippi Community Colleges. As an employer, you’ll be working directly with Workforce Specialists from one of Mississippi’s 15 Community Colleges to create online skills training programs specifically designed to your organization’s training goals.

How do I get started with the Online Workforce College?

As more schools across the state come online, you’ll have opportunities to take advantage of the Online Workforce College platform. Sign up for more information to learn more about the Online Workforce College in your area in the coming weeks!

What Kind of Learning does MSOWC Offer?

Partnering with 180 Skills™, the Online Workforce College Core Library consists of over 700 courses as well as 13 career pathways that are WIOAA aligned and on the ETPL in 5 states. The content was developed in cooperation with major industries such as Boeing and Harley Davidson. By partnering with 180 Skills, the Online Workforce College core library is able to bring Mississippi Employers the largest collection of quality workforce skills training content available anywhere and supported by your local Community College.

Our Current Content Areas include:

  • Industrial Training, Manufacturing, Logistics
  • Employability, Soft-Skills
  • Workplace Safety
  • Basic Technology, Networking, IT Security, Coding
  • Adult Education
  • And more to come!

Digital Credentials & Pathways to Success

You will work with your local Mississippi Community College to create pathways that meet your training needs and goals. Workforce specialists will help you design and implement online training programs and then you can monitor the progress of your employees through these programs by using pathways within Badgr.

Click Here See an Example Prehire Pathway

What are Badges?

Digital badges are not just pictures on a screen, but digital evidence showing what learners have accomplished. All credentials in the Online Workforce College are aligned with objectives and quality standards set by Mississippi Community Colleges. Badges through the Online Workforce College contain information about the training learners have successfully completed and can be easily shared with employers to easily identify qualified candidates in a crowded job market.

Watch a Demo on Badges & Pathways

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