Microsoft Office

OS-MSO-104 PowerPoint Basics

Workplace and Soft Skills - Public

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Microsoft PowerPoint enables you to easily create and publish a slideshow presentation, either from scratch or from a template. Whether you are presenting in-person to a large group, or publishing your presentation on a web site, you will find PowerPoint to be a useful addition to your professional tool kit.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Understand the purpose and basic functions of PowerPoint
  • Explain the steps for creating a slideshow presentation
  • Describe the methods for adding text to slides and then formatting it
  • Understand how to make important information stand out by including shapes in your slides
  • Describe how to insert a variety of images into your slides
  • Understand the visual benefit of inserting tables into slides
  • Describe the different methods of working with objects in PowerPoint
  • Understand the many different options for presenting or delivering your slide show

Estimated completion time (hours): 12.9

Price $140.00

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