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Badgr allows users to issue and manage a standardized type of digital badges called Open Badges. A digital badge is a visual symbol of accomplishment. They can be awarded for any definable achievement and earned in many learning environments, games or the workplace. An Open Badge is a specialized type of digital badge that contains verifiable metadata about achievements according to a common data format, the Open Badges specification. Because they follow an open standard, recipients can combine badges from many different sources into common collections, and when they share them, these badges may be verified by any compatible system to ensure that they are trustworthy representations of their earner's experiences.
While it may be possible to complete OWC content on phones and similar hand-held devices, we cannot guarantee full-functionality of our systems and only officially support the use of up-to-date desktop web browsers.
You can check if your browser is up to date by going to this website: Which also contains instructions on how to update different browsers.
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